Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yard Sale #1

A sign at the end of the street advertised a yard sale.  I think that if I piggyback onto her yard sale, I will get customers driving by to her yard sale.

I spend all day Friday dragging stuff out to the garage and pricing.

Saturday is a perfect yard sale day.  The weather is nice and warm.  We get out at 6 AM and haul stuff out to the yard and driveway.  As the day go on, I keep finding more stuff to bring out.  I make about $80.  (That paid for the cleaning lady as posted in last post.)  The camping tent didn't sell, so I posted it on Craig s List.  A couple came and purchased the tent and Coleman stove.  I threw in a bunch of other camping accessories.  "Here just take these marshmallow forks, here just take the little propane canister."  As they are leaving, I'm still trying to give them stuff to get rid of.  "Could you use a tarp under your tent?"

Between the yard sale and the camping gear, that made a huge dent in our accumulated stuff.

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