Thursday, April 14, 2016

We have decided to sell our 60's split level home.  As I am in my 60s, it's getting harder to climb the stairs.  I want to move to a one-level home.  This blog is documenting my trials and tribulations in that quest.

Last October, we went on the Parade of Homes, which showcases model homes and new home construction.  It's fun to see the million dollar mansions as well as condos in our price range.  It was at one of these condos that I met our first realtor.  She took our contact information and gave us a very hard sell to list our house with her.

She valued it $30,000 below what I feel it should have been listed at.  She didn't want to take us to see other homes until ours was under contract.  The relationship became very adversarial.  If she is not showing us other homes, I questioned if she would show our home to prospective buyers.

We spent many months getting ours ready to put on the market.  Declutter, declutter, declutter' paint, paint, paint.

Then I saw a Facebook page from the Heather Neidlinger Group, a Berkshire Hawthaway real estate group in Carlisle, listing the perfect condo.   Now that is marketing.  I contacted Mike Neidlinger and told him I was not happy with my current realtor.  I didn't even have to fire her myself, they did that for me.

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