Thursday, May 19, 2016

Picture Day

The photographer came to take professional pictures of the house.  He spent a lot of time outdoors taking shots of the yard and the inside of the house.  He was very professional.  He instructed me to turn on all the lights.  Things that weren't to be in the shot, such as the alarm clock, were moved out of range.

Before he came, I staged the house so people could picture themselves living here.  Thanks HGTV.
A tea cup and magazines on the bistro table on the porch.  Patio table completely set for a picnic.  Everything was taped down, so it wouldn't blow away.  lol  There was even a pillow on the hammock and logs in the fire pit. Indoors I had many vases of fresh flowers cut from my garden.  I am now waiting to see the pictures.

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