Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Power Washing and a Cleaning Lady

I told a lady at church that we were told to get our house power washed.  She said that her son, a senior in high school, could power wash our house.

We got an estimate from a professional power washing company.  They wanted $280.  Yipes.  The kid looks a lot better.  I asked him to stop by and give me his estimate, which was $10/hour.  It shouldn't take him a day.

It only took him about 3 hours and I was so pleased, I gave him extra as a tip.

Dear husband didn't want to get our porch furniture wet (it's outdoor furniture) so he moved the furniture off the newly painted porch.  This resulted in it getting all scratched.  I was not happy.

I had to buy more paint and repaint.  Since I had the paint, I kept on going and painted the basement floor.  I must say it looks great.

For everything we do, there are 2 more things to do.  Now the windows are all water spotted from the power washing.  The floors could use a good polishing, too.  Another referral from a church lady gave me a contact for a cleaning lady.  She came to the house with a bucket of rags and a jug of ammonia.  Her plan was to start at the upper level and work down.  The first room windows were done and she used my Orange Glow to do the floor.  When the floor was done, she complained that the stink was so bad she couldn't stand it.  I don't think Orange Glow is all that bad.  I didn't have anything else.  I borrowed a bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap from my neighbor.  The cleaning lady wanted a string mop.  I haven't used a string mop in over 20 years and neither has any of my neighbors.  She used the Orange Glow pad.  It did look nice.  She finished the bedrooms and after 2 hours and 15 minutes wanted to leave for the day.  I asked her what I owed her.  She wanted $75.00. Holy crap, $75 for a couple of hours.  She asked me if I wanted her to come back the following day to finish.  Not at over $35 and hour I don't.  The kicker was that once the floor dried, it was not shiny and I went over it myself with Orange Glow to add the shine and protection that I wanted on the floor to begin with.  :(

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