Monday, May 23, 2016


Coming back from yesterday's open house, I wanted Mike to check out this townhouse I discovered on Saturday in the Evergreen development.  It was FSBO.  I wrote the contact information down and called about it.  The owners passed away and the son was selling it.  He was asking $192,000.  I thought that was overpriced.  He said "Well, make me an offer."  He did text me pictures of the house.

When we did the drive by, the family was there cleaning out the house.  I stopped and asked if we could see it.  I love the open concept.  It has carpet, instead of hardwood, white appliances instead of stainless steel and burgundy laminate counter top.  That will need to be replaced.  The rear patio slider is flimsy and hard to open.  That will need to be replaced, too.  There is a small level back yard that has possibilities with a square paver patio.  A fence will need to be installed.  An awning would be nice.  I'm already thinking how to make it mine.   This beats Lee Ann Ct.  if the price is right.

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