Saturday, May 28, 2016

Another Showing

Friday's showing was cancelled, but not before we left for the day.  We came home to get the voice mail saying it was cancelled.  I would have been out of the house anyway.  I just had to take Caesar with me.

Saturday's showing was scheduled for 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.  I'm glad to have showings, but why do I have to leave the house almost all day.  I hung out at Sheets on Simpson drinking a coffee in the shade at the rear of the store.  Caesar was on a leash on the chair.  A couple driving seperate cars came in.  They both had dogs in their cars.  The lady stayed in her car mostly.  When she was inside it was only for a couple of minutes and the windows were cracked.  The man was inside for almost 15 minutes.  The temperature was in the high 80s.  He didn't even have the windows cracked.  I told the woman that if he didn't come back in 2 minutes, I would call the police.  She went in and got him. When he came out verbally attacked me, calling me names, etc.  It upset me.  Some people just don't take any responsibility.

Next door neighbor called me yesterday and asked me not to sell to blacks or Muslims.  I told her that was illegal.  Besides, I don't even know who sees the property.  I'm not feeling very warm and fuzzy toward my fellow man.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our house is finally listed today.  I was expecting someone to install the realtor sign in the front yard and give me flyers, but even before that happened, I got a phone call for a showing.  The man came, the with the sign and flyers and I took the dog up to the street to visit a neighbor.

Feedback:  Well maintained, presents nicely.  Negatives were better cover for driveway drain and yucky caulk above front door.  Kitchen and bedrooms are small.

I'll have Mike paint over the front door and perhaps get a new round concrete paver painted black over the driveway drain.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Coming back from yesterday's open house, I wanted Mike to check out this townhouse I discovered on Saturday in the Evergreen development.  It was FSBO.  I wrote the contact information down and called about it.  The owners passed away and the son was selling it.  He was asking $192,000.  I thought that was overpriced.  He said "Well, make me an offer."  He did text me pictures of the house.

When we did the drive by, the family was there cleaning out the house.  I stopped and asked if we could see it.  I love the open concept.  It has carpet, instead of hardwood, white appliances instead of stainless steel and burgundy laminate counter top.  That will need to be replaced.  The rear patio slider is flimsy and hard to open.  That will need to be replaced, too.  There is a small level back yard that has possibilities with a square paver patio.  A fence will need to be installed.  An awning would be nice.  I'm already thinking how to make it mine.   This beats Lee Ann Ct.  if the price is right.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Open House at 60 Lee Ann Court

I took Mike to see this open house.  I actually saw it before.  Extra large living room, open concept main area, basement.  The only deal breaker was that they didn't allow a fence.  However, they did allow a privacy screen and landscaping.  I was given the contact information of the president of the HOA to see what I could work out.  I'm thinking of a large mulch area with plantings and a small temporary fence which is used to enclose flower beds.  As long as there is no grass to mow inside of the fence, I don't see why it would be a problem.  I need to call him.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Picture Day

The photographer came to take professional pictures of the house.  He spent a lot of time outdoors taking shots of the yard and the inside of the house.  He was very professional.  He instructed me to turn on all the lights.  Things that weren't to be in the shot, such as the alarm clock, were moved out of range.

Before he came, I staged the house so people could picture themselves living here.  Thanks HGTV.
A tea cup and magazines on the bistro table on the porch.  Patio table completely set for a picnic.  Everything was taped down, so it wouldn't blow away.  lol  There was even a pillow on the hammock and logs in the fire pit. Indoors I had many vases of fresh flowers cut from my garden.  I am now waiting to see the pictures.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yard Sale #1

A sign at the end of the street advertised a yard sale.  I think that if I piggyback onto her yard sale, I will get customers driving by to her yard sale.

I spend all day Friday dragging stuff out to the garage and pricing.

Saturday is a perfect yard sale day.  The weather is nice and warm.  We get out at 6 AM and haul stuff out to the yard and driveway.  As the day go on, I keep finding more stuff to bring out.  I make about $80.  (That paid for the cleaning lady as posted in last post.)  The camping tent didn't sell, so I posted it on Craig s List.  A couple came and purchased the tent and Coleman stove.  I threw in a bunch of other camping accessories.  "Here just take these marshmallow forks, here just take the little propane canister."  As they are leaving, I'm still trying to give them stuff to get rid of.  "Could you use a tarp under your tent?"

Between the yard sale and the camping gear, that made a huge dent in our accumulated stuff.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Power Washing and a Cleaning Lady

I told a lady at church that we were told to get our house power washed.  She said that her son, a senior in high school, could power wash our house.

We got an estimate from a professional power washing company.  They wanted $280.  Yipes.  The kid looks a lot better.  I asked him to stop by and give me his estimate, which was $10/hour.  It shouldn't take him a day.

It only took him about 3 hours and I was so pleased, I gave him extra as a tip.

Dear husband didn't want to get our porch furniture wet (it's outdoor furniture) so he moved the furniture off the newly painted porch.  This resulted in it getting all scratched.  I was not happy.

I had to buy more paint and repaint.  Since I had the paint, I kept on going and painted the basement floor.  I must say it looks great.

For everything we do, there are 2 more things to do.  Now the windows are all water spotted from the power washing.  The floors could use a good polishing, too.  Another referral from a church lady gave me a contact for a cleaning lady.  She came to the house with a bucket of rags and a jug of ammonia.  Her plan was to start at the upper level and work down.  The first room windows were done and she used my Orange Glow to do the floor.  When the floor was done, she complained that the stink was so bad she couldn't stand it.  I don't think Orange Glow is all that bad.  I didn't have anything else.  I borrowed a bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap from my neighbor.  The cleaning lady wanted a string mop.  I haven't used a string mop in over 20 years and neither has any of my neighbors.  She used the Orange Glow pad.  It did look nice.  She finished the bedrooms and after 2 hours and 15 minutes wanted to leave for the day.  I asked her what I owed her.  She wanted $75.00. Holy crap, $75 for a couple of hours.  She asked me if I wanted her to come back the following day to finish.  Not at over $35 and hour I don't.  The kicker was that once the floor dried, it was not shiny and I went over it myself with Orange Glow to add the shine and protection that I wanted on the floor to begin with.  :(